Solar Cell/Module Efficiencies

The solar cell/module efficiencies reveal the following facts (cf. Fraunhofer 2019, p. 7):

  • The record lab cell efficiency is 26.7% for mono-crystalline and 22.3% for multi crystalline silicon wafer-based technology.
  • The highest lab efficiency in the film technology is 24.4% for CIGS and 21.0% for CdTe solar cells.
  • In the last decade, the efficiency of average commercial wafer-based silicon modules increased from about 12% to 17%(Super-mono 21%).
  • CdTe module efficiency increased from 9% to 18%.
  • In the laboratory, best performing modules are based on mono-crystalline silicon with 24.4% efficiency.
  • High concentration multi-junction solar cells achieve an efficiency of up to 47.1% today.
  • Module Efficiencies reached up to 38.9% with concentrator technology.